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One of the biggest roadblocks for those interested in tiny houses is the lack of space. It’s hard to imagine how you might fit your whole life into a trailer-sized home. But for designer and craftsman David, this was no problem at all. In fact, David built his entire home based off a sense of openness. With clever resourcefulness and a

Have you ever dreamed of living in a log cabin? Well now you can turn your dream into a reality. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg – you can achieve this for under $6,000! For those of us that are used to urban living (and could use a little break from it),

The tiny house movement is about much more than just living in a compact, space-utilizing home. It represents a shift toward an ecologically conscious, minimalist lifestyle where people consume only what they need. It is an emphasis on experiences, rather than material goods. As it turns out, minimalism is at the core of action against climate change.   Tiny Homes Fight Climate

In a tiny Alabama town, you’ll find a group of students and advisors who have managed a considerable feat, one that is changing the very foundation of real estate. Rural Studio, Auburn University’s design-build program, has devoted more than a decade to a significant project: designing a tiny home that is affordable enough for those living in poverty to buy it

Check out this video of the super small 129sq ft micro apartment in Paris, France. The rent can be super high here so looking for affordable accommodation is a concern many have. Micro apartments, like this one, are becoming more and more popular. As long as the space is well thought out, you really don’t need as much as you

Here we can take a look at a 252sq ft tiny house that Chris Haynes built out on 9 acres of land in Royalston, Massachusetts. And yes, this one is NOT on wheels. It’s built on a regular foundation. This means its fully legal, as it also adheres to the local building codes. Each Town/City/State is different, but here in

An architect based in Portland, Oregon has (literally) changed the landscape of tiny living with the design of a fully-inhabitable 144-square-foot home that rotates 359 degrees. The house has been appropriately dubbed the ‘359’. The rotating tiny house! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Benjamin Kaiser, owner and principal of PATH Architecture, first thought of this subversive design five years ago. He built

This is one of our favorite tiny houses to date. So much so that some of our team members traveled down from New York to Washington DC to visit brain Levy and take a closer look for themselves. In this video you will see a tour of the minim micro house, presented by the "Deek” himself. The internal dimensions are 10ft

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